DuPont™ showcased its Corian® Bas Relief signature surfaces and thermoforming techniques, which are ideal for architects and designers to customize a pattern by AutoCAD, 3DMax or Rhino, epitomizing the flexibility of Corian® and self-expression that is important for establishing a point of differentiation.

Corian® Bas Relief signature surfaces is ideal for a myriad of vertical applications including wall cladding, furniture, ceilings, room partitions, signboards, elevator interiors, border trims, merchandising displays, retail fixtures and transaction counter fronts.

Coupled with an innovative thermoforming technique which makes possible the creation of myriad objects such as vanity bowls, integrated tops with bowls and countertops, curved reception counters and even columns, it enables designers to set free their imagination.

We are confident that Bas Relief and thermoforming will deliver tremendous flexibility in design, color and foresee a global trend for new solid surfacing products throughout the world.