DuPont™ Corian® 10-Year Limited Warranty

General Residential Warranty Guidelines

The following limited warranty applies to the owner of a permanent installation of Corian® (including seam performance but not appearance), when installed by a DuPont™ authorized fabricator / installer, with a brand plug affixed and purchased after July 1, 1994. DuPont™ at its option will repair or replace, such product if it fails due to any manufacturing defect during the first 10 years after initial installation except for damage caused by physical or chemical abuse, damage from excessive heat, or acts of nature.

In addition to the above-mentioned 10-year limited product warranty, DuPont™ also warrants the fabrication and installation of the product for the first year after initial installation.

This warranty is transferable within the 10-year period only when the new owner writes to DuPont™ or local Authorized Distributor to register the installation under a new owner’s name. If transferred, the new warranty will be valid for the remaining time since original purchase.

The warranty excludes the following:

  1. Physical, chemical and other abuse – includes any use of the installation that is unreasonable considering the normal and expected uses of such installations in a residence, and includes, but is not limited to, damage from vandalism, use of improper cleaning solutions, leaving substances, such as bleach or drain cleaner on the product without prompt cleaning, the dropping of heavy objects on the countertop or in the sink, or product which has not been maintained in accordance with the DuPont™ Care and Use Guide;
  2. Excessive heat – exposure to heat of such a degree that white marks, white rings or cracks appear on the product. Cracking around a cooktop may appear by permitting cookware that is on or partially on a heating element to overhang the countertop causing excessive heat on the countertop or from using high temperatures for excessively lengthy periods of time;
  3. Acts of nature – include but not limited to exposure to outdoors, weather effects and fire;
  4. Any product moved from their original place of installation;
  5. Failure to follow DuPont’s instruction for Corian® care and maintenance; and
  6. Failure caused by other substructure support.